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Wow! It’s been longer than I thought!

OMG it’s been over a year since I’ve logged in.. too much to go into as to why LOL but we all know how it is to come and go, but. like you, I’d rather not be gone so long!! Takarra has moved on to a new blog *insert plugging here, LOL * Go see her! I am going to start a new venture myself, and will be going it alone here 🙂 hoping that 1st Life will allow me the time and inspiration to do well 🙂
Take care and I’ll be back with a post of what I’m up to these SLDays… *hears the echos in the vast emptiness that is this blog’s readers* heheehee

Hey everybody! I hope all has been well for you! I’ve been flitting around SL the last few days just having fun and doing some window shopping, not much to tell really LOL

I wanted to show you the latest group gift from a store called Tres Beau.  I’m sure many of you have heard of it, but it was new to me until recently. I joined the group and a few days later I got this awesome dress. I have almost fallen in love with mesh… BUT… and here’s the thing.. *Damia giggles as she realizes there is always “the thing” * hehehe… Anyway, the thing is, I worked really hard to get my shape EXACTLY the way I want it.  I do not appreciate that with mesh, I am forced to conform my shape to the designer’s vision. Granted, mesh is in the early stages of development, no matter what anybody says.

 I am excited that there are now some mesh items out there that are partially modifiable.  I wait with utter longing for the day that I can wear as many mesh items as I want and do not have to compromise my individuality in order to do so.

I applaud all the hard work that has gone into the development and design of mesh items, and wish I could afford many many more than I have at present hehehehe *Damia grins wickedly at the mere thought*

Anyway!! Now that I have ranted about the loss of my individuality due to the limitations of mesh *Damia coughs delicately and clears her throat* I want to show you the superb craftsmanship that is this mesh dress– Behold, if you will… Tres Beau!

*With a flourish, Damia steps before you and unveils the lovely creation that surpasses the quality of MANY group gift offerings, promising with a glint in her eyes a future conversation she wishes to have with you on the subject of group gifts*Image

Stylin’! Here’s How!

~SKIN~ [PF] (Pink Fuel) Alyx <Honey> – Candy Hearts (dkbrow)

~EYES~ Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Paris Green)

~MAKEUP~ Blacklace Beauty~ Faces~Stormy Sky Eyes Only

                       _Filthy_Skins_ EyeLiner2

~SHAPE~ My own, not for sale.

~OUTFIT~   Tres Beau  “Grey” Group Gift , Feb/March 2012

~HAIR~ W&Y yuki HAIRMIMI in Black

~SHOES~ BAX Ankle Boots Black Patent

~Jewelry~  JCNY – Mila Necklace

~Nails~  [MANDALA]   MILKY WAY RING & NAILS/gaga black


Behold… Tres Beau!


So I have been majorly slacking in my wonderful posting that needs to be going on here. Thank you Damia for making fantastical posts for me to read while I was relaxing in my lazy state. So the idea for the outfit I have on for this post came from the wonderful Lysie Aristocrat who has the fantastic blog Barbie Does SL. I Love love love love this blog and her pictures are just wonderful. So what did I do but dash on over to the Festival of Sin like right away.  I really love the way they set this up and the added bonus of that gate which makes you strip down enough so that you have I believe 60 scrips was a great idea. So off I went and stripped down enough so the gate no longer turned red on me. I tell you though this place was laggy which is to be expected. So needless to say I spent HOURS there looking around and there are so many great things.

So here is the look I came up with.

This outfit I wore for days because I just didnt have the time online to get everything wrote down about it and the pictures taken. I love this outfit so much and Drew even found an outfit that worked to go along with it. Here is the picture we took together with our awesome outfits.

Hopefully in the next day or so I’ll have gotten the style card from Drew so I can do a post for everyone on his awesome look. 🙂

The Festival of Sin has just a few days remaining so make sure you get there and check out its awesomeness before its to late.

StyleCard for the top picture of my DreamGirl Look:


EYES: (MP Eyes – Olive) HERMONY


SKIN: (Carina 04 Peach) LAQ

Tats: (Butterfly Medley Color Meduium) PARA DESIGNS

CLEAVAGE: (Cleavage enhancer v2 Peach) LAQ 

SKIRT: (Jeans Mini Skirt Ripped) BND – Marketplace link

SHIRT/BODYSUIT:  (Kyoot – Idoltary Top Grey) KYOOT @ Festival of SIN

HAIR: (Mena – night) TRUTH

BOOTS: (Megas boots black) TEN”10

Chocker/bracelets/legband: (Fatpack CREPUSCULE) LOULOU&CO @ Festival of SIN

Heart Necklace: (Hyperion V.1) LOULOU&CO @ Back to Black

STAR FACE TATS: (Starts Colors) NO MERCY – I cannot find this store in world at this time



I found it!!  Remember the post I made a bit ago about RFyre? I found that dress YAY!  It’s called Solstice..  For old times’ sake I had to wear everything from back in the day heehehee *Damia strikes a pose with her formerly over 7 foot avi* 

I wore my first skin, my first hair, and my first dress in this photo. See? I rocked as a vampire! I tried so very hard to get involved in the vamp roleplay in SL, but no matter what I did, some drama queen would run off and drag eveyone with her that was supposed to be roleplaying ….. *Damia sighs over lost roleplays*  And to top it all off, it had nothing to do with the RP itself.. just another man-drama LOL 

Ah well… At least I looked the part, and that was what I wanted at the time!  Here it is, The original Damialicious Damia!!


Stylin’! Here’s How!

~SKIN~ Nomine China White Vamp – blood red

~EYES~ Beebee – Eyes Sparkle Deep Violet
Not sold in-world under this brand any longer. The current shop by the creator is Enchanted Silks. The eyes are now called EK-Eyes- Sparkel Deep Violet and can be found here:  Enchanted Silks

~SHAPE~  My own, not for sale.

~OUTFIT~  RFyre Solstice

~HAIR~  *Panache Hair – WLSB * Faith MidNyte * (PI) in Black

~SHOES~  What shoes?? I went barefoot for more than two weeks!!!!

Rfyre Rediscovered